Friday, November 19, 2010

Think before you shoot.

I was going through some of my photos, trying to find a great overall view
But all I could find were some vignette shots.  Never seem to have enough time to get all the right photos.

    Not to mention my 15 year old ( I am sooo proud!) has started to use my camera to  do "photo shoots" with her friends.....and no battery left for Mom.  Sounds like Santa just got a good idea!!

Well since I did do all this work, here are a few of " not the angle I was hoping for"  pics!

                                                                                    Everyone needs soul in a bucket!           
Colette's green stool!!!

                                                                                           A new necklace I have been working out!                                                                                            Last  time I showed them they sold out!            

The Tattered House at Remnants of the Past show in Nippomo
                                                                                    Judy Watkin's booth also at Remnants!

Hope you have a Great Thanksgiving!

be lucky     ~Katy


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Upcoming shows

The next shows Colette and I will be at will be in Auburn on Sunday October 17th (Space 72).  Below are some pictures from our Spring show in Auburn.

We will also be in Alameda on Sunday November 7th.  In Alameda, we will be next to Mary Salabar in Row V.

See you then...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lets take a walk!

A walk through a beautiful lemon grove in Nipomo, CA.  (That's just south of Pismo Beach.)  Judy Watkins puts on the most wonderful show "Remnents Of The Past".  Check out her website  and you'll see what I mean!

Dont forget to check out the pics of the Dana Powers property where the show is  Just beautiful! And  they host a wonderful vendor dinner on Friday night! 

Colette and I had a great time with all the  vendors and awsome customers!  Many traveling far just for the show!!  We were having so much fun that the camera was always out of reach!!  So again not very many pics.  I need to give that job to someone else. (Cuz I suck) 

And yes I really suck at this.  I couldnt get my portrait pics to load. I even had a pic of Rachel Ashwell in our booth!  " Don't get frustrated!"  I have to keep telling myself...Just get this posted!

~be lucky.........Katy

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

busy, busy, busy

The last month or so has been very busy as I am getting ready for several Fall shows.  I have been at Alameda with Colette of the Waiting Room, at the Tattered House show last Sunday, and getting set for the Remnants of the Past show with Colette in Nipomo October 2nd.  I have also been busy stocking up and discovering great places to shop in southern California, Petaluma, and Sebastopol.  After the Remnants show, I am planning on being at Alameda with Colette again in November.  I don't know my booth number yet, but be sure to come on by and check out our new finds. 

Stay tuned as I am going to post some pics and wrap ups of the September Alameda show and the Tattered House show in the coming days.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Back to Work!

It really is time,

(after a beautiful weekend in Tahoe with family and friends,)

to get back to work!  And get all this stuff out of my dining room

and  into the Tattered House by July 18th.

It is their 3rd anniversary event!  So stop on by if you are able!  Or visit at
 It should be a yummy event!

be lucky         ~Katy

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tattered House

Went by the Tattered House today. Erica and Sandy were busy creating a new display! Everything gets pulled out so the magic can happen.
The house is getting ready for its anniversary event on July 18th. But I am sure this display wont last long!  Saw a sneek peek of what they are bringing in.  It is NOT going to last!

Here are some pics around the rest of the house.

                                                                    loads of fun stuff, huh!

                                                       But just you wait till this is full!! Go girls!

Be lucky      ~Katy

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Steal!!

     It's not considered stealing if you get it from the dump....or is it??!!

     Here is a look see at some of the fun things Colette and I found while hunting around the other day.  Some of it was so great that we felt criminal!!!!  Wish I had video of our get away!  Most of these things will make it to Alameada on Sun June 6th.  So if you're there stop on by and say Hi.

      Really, this much fun should be illegal!!!!                      be lucky   ~Katy

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

...Way too long...

Sorry I have not written much lately.  A lot has happened since Valentine's Day... St. Pats, Easter, Mother's day............. The Tattered House Antique market in April, Remnants of the Past (ROTP) show in Nipomo, trip to SoCal in March, and lot's of shopping in Berkeley, Alameda, and Auburn. All this while I am trying to paint my house and kitchen cabinets.

           The ROTP show was awesome.  Such a beautiful venue.  The dealers were fantastic! Colette, Sandy, Erica and I even met Sue Whitney from Junk Market Style!  So inspiring.  Thank you to Judy and Judy for your wonderful hospitality,  we were so honored to be invited as a a vendor at the show.  A special thanks go to Colette's parents who also came down and were a huge help.  On our way back home, Colette's husband, Randy, had an awesome dinner waiting for us.  Since Colette and I were so busy, Sandy and Erika did all the picture taking. Check out the Tattered House blog for some great pics of the show.  The Tattered girls           ( Sandy and Erica)  have been such great mentors and  friends. Cant say enough about how much they mean to me!  Thanks girls!
  Meanwhile, here are some random shots of past events.

This Sunday, I will be in Auburn for the Antique Street Fair from 8am to 4pm.  I will be in spot 72 which is near the brewpub ( where is my empty starbucks cup) and where I have been for last years Spring and Fall shows.  Come on by and say hello...

Besides for Auburn, other shows on the horizon are Alameda in June.  Colette from the Waiting Room and I will likely be sharing a space on Row J near Erika and Sandy of the Tattered House.

                                                                                         Be lucky     ~Katy             

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Great Day at February Alameda Show

What a beautiful day in Alameda! The shopping and weather were perfect.  A much needed break after this soggy January! It really was a boost for my

   We saw many friends, The Tattered House Girls, Erica and Sandy
Collete from The Waiting Room , Clinton From Brown Dog Cottage, Jacque and James from and met many more.  Even some dealers from Korea!

Very sweet! And even if it doesn't seem like it by the photo.  They did some serious shopping here!

Bloggers always seem to have a cute name for thier husbands.  But I am just going to call mine Will.  He is always so supportive of my wild adventures!  Thank you Will!!! ( LYVM!) We always seem to have a great time at Alameda!  Always a party! Always something! 

Hope to see you all there!  Next time March 7th.                    Be lucky!     ~Katy     

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Getting Ready for the Alameda Antique Market

I have been busy the past few days getting ready to show my stuff at Alameda tomorrow.  I am a little nervous as I will have my own spot, J18, which is a few spaces down from Erika and Sandy of the Tattered House   Come visit as the weather is supposed to be nice.  Here are some things that I will have in my booth.