Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Steal!!

     It's not considered stealing if you get it from the dump....or is it??!!

     Here is a look see at some of the fun things Colette and I found while hunting around the other day.  Some of it was so great that we felt criminal!!!!  Wish I had video of our get away!  Most of these things will make it to Alameada on Sun June 6th.  So if you're there stop on by and say Hi.

      Really, this much fun should be illegal!!!!                      be lucky   ~Katy


  1. Hey Katy!
    How much is your chair... I bought one just like that from Sherry who sells at Urban Barn... I would love to get it if the price is RIGHT ;)


  2. Shelia it is a wicker chair. Not sure if you can tell from the pic. You going to come up ad see us!

  3. Yes! :) the lounge chair... I might you never know (hehehehe)


  4. There it was all set up in a pretty little pile...practically had a sign on it that said "take me, take me". WE WERE AT THE DUMP... anyway... Our eyes got big, hearts racing we threw it in the back of the truck ...hurry..hurry, here comes a florescent yellow vest fast approaching...we sped off like bandits in the night. It wasn't stealing, WE WERE AT THE DUMP!!!

    Ahhh.. The Adventures of Colette and Katy :)

  5. WOW! They ain't got dumps like that here in ol' Idaho! Wish I would have been with you girls. Is there any junk better than FREE junk? I think NOT! Next dump run count me in!

  6. Hi there!
    I am so happy to have found you through your comment on my blog. I loved your booth at Alameda (and that fountain that was already sold ;) You two have such a talent for staging your beautiful wares.
    Hoping to see you next month at Antiques by the Bay.

  7. Me again,
    Hmmm... may have to drive to Roseville some time after reading your profile. Good to meet you, Katy.