Friday, November 19, 2010

Think before you shoot.

I was going through some of my photos, trying to find a great overall view
But all I could find were some vignette shots.  Never seem to have enough time to get all the right photos.

    Not to mention my 15 year old ( I am sooo proud!) has started to use my camera to  do "photo shoots" with her friends.....and no battery left for Mom.  Sounds like Santa just got a good idea!!

Well since I did do all this work, here are a few of " not the angle I was hoping for"  pics!

                                                                                    Everyone needs soul in a bucket!           
Colette's green stool!!!

                                                                                           A new necklace I have been working out!                                                                                            Last  time I showed them they sold out!            

The Tattered House at Remnants of the Past show in Nippomo
                                                                                    Judy Watkin's booth also at Remnants!

Hope you have a Great Thanksgiving!

be lucky     ~Katy