Monday, January 4, 2010


Lets celebrate new times to wipe our slates clean and start over!
My quests for the new year are: the gift of sight! (something I did ask santa for!); the gift of organization;  and finally the commitment to my family and friends! and this may be just answering my cell phone!

so with a quick promise to myself  of love. kindness and integrity.  I say to you.
Lets all celebrate the gift of this new year with new hopes for a greater lucky, Katy



  1. VEry NIce KaTY! I am GLad tO sEE yOU back ON YouR BloG. I CHeCK iT oFten & Was HOping YOu woULD REtURN. HAppY NEw YEar To You!

  2. thanks jacque! hope to see you around soon!